Is Hypochlorous Acid good for your face?

Is Hypochlorous Acid good for your face?

Hypochlorous Acid has been making headlines recently for its natural power to cleanse and repair delicate facial skin. Hypochlorous Acid, known by its scientific name as HOCL, is a super molecule that is used by our own bodies to fight injury and infection.   When our body detects an invading germ or threat, it sends out an army of white blood cells, which release Hypochlorous Acid to attack harmful pathogens. 

The antimicrobial action of Hypochlorous Acid is critical to our immune systems.

Recent advancements in electrochemistry have allowed engineers to replicate this miracle molecule and stabilize it for everyday use at home.  Wound specialists were quick to recognize the unique benefits of HOCL in healing burns, diabetic ulcers, post-surgical wounds, and more.  Studies have shown that HOCL reduces healing time by more than 50%!

Hypochlorous Acid is known as a clinical breakthrough for chronic wound sufferers and their doctors.

But what about everyday facial care and hygiene?

Your face is exposed to countless pathogens and stressors every day.  Staph bacteria, viruses, and environmental toxins (think dust, smog, and smoke) clog facial pores and interfere with skin’s delicate microbial balance.  We all know clogged pores can lead to acne, but did you know that an overabundance of harmful bacteria can also lead to rosacea, eczema, and dull, bumpy skin?   

Enter Hypochlorous acid.  Soap can certainly help wash away oils and some germs, but it’s no match for sticky bacteria.  Hypochlorous acid TARGETS bacteria that is left behind by soap-based cleansers. By removing harmful bacteria, Hypochlorous acid helps rebalance skin’s microbiome, which is a key to healing. The result?  Clear, blemish-free skin. 

Another surprising benefit for your face:  Redness control.  If you struggle with a blotchy, red, rashy complexion, you know that most products just add “fire to the fire” --further irritating your face. That’s because even “gentle” products contain some type of heavy detergent, oil, perfume, or additive.

Hypochlorous acid solutions contain ZERO additives. No fragrance, no oils, no toxins, no alcohol.  But that’s only part of the good news.  Hypochlorous Acid is also a natural ANTINFLAMITORY. Soothing and cooling, HOCL reduces the production of leukotrienes, which are linked to allergic and inflammatory reactions in the skin.

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