How does problem bacteria affect Skin Health?

How does problem bacteria affect Skin Health?

According to the National Eczema Association. there are numerous causes and triggers for Eczema.  However, most eczema suffers share a key indicator: dry, infection-prone skin.

Once eczema causes the skin to become irritated, the dermal layer is compromised.  This allows excess bacteria to take hold in the rash, which prevents the skin from healing.    The most common bacteria for problem skin is Staphylococcus aureus, or Staph. While Staph is a common germ and present on even healthy skin—it is overly abundant on the skin of  eczema suffers.

According to University of Michigan professor, Gabriel Nunez,M.D, ”90 percent of patients with atopic dermatitis, also called eczema, have staph bacteria detectable on their skin.” Dr. Nunez and his team discovered that specific strains of Staph can a toxin(called Delta Toxin) that can cause immune-system cells in the skin to react--producing inflammation and/or eczema-like rashes.  

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A new solution

Cortisone products and other creams may provide short-term relief but do nothing to eliminate the bacteria in the rash. When necessary, some dermatologists resort to oral antibiotic prescriptions to address the problem bacteria.Topically-applied Hypochlorous Acid is a new and welcome alternative to harsh steroids, ineffective lotions, and oral antibiotics.

Why it works?

Hypochlorous Acid is a very effective antimicrobial but does not harm skin or irritate the sensitive wound bed.  This breakthrough combination of efficacy and safety is the critical difference for eczema care.

Hypochlorous can be sprayed directly on the eczema rash without sting or irritation. It is cleared for everyday, frequent use by the FDA—applying 3-5 times per day keeps the rash free of bacteria and allows skin to heal naturally.

TheNational Eczema Association has awarded SkinSmartAntimicrobial a 5-star rating, and Hypochlorous is now doctor-recommended for topical use.  Alcohol-free, SkinSmart won’t sting or dry out skin.  SkinSmart also helps stop painful itch and is great for all adults.  SkinSmart is cleared for use for babies one month and older, toddlers, teens, and senior adults.