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How often should I spray SkinSmart Antimicrobial on my skin for best results?

Unlike most Eczema products, SkinSmart is steroid-free and does NOT have limited usage on skin. In fact, the more exposure your skin has to SkinSmart the better. For best results, spray afflicted skin a lot! Definitely every few hours if you can, especially during the first few days of treatment. We also recommend letting it dry and repeating it every time you apply. Our users have definitely found the more they use it, the better the response.

How is SkinSmart Antimicrobial™ skin cleanser for Eczema Therapy different?

It targets an overlooked complication in the treatment of Eczema: bacteria and other germs. Some Eczema is caused by an imbalance of naturally-occurring bacteria on the skin. Also, dry, itchy skin can crack, and open up the skin to more bacteria, which can slow the healing process. SkinSmart Antimicrobial not only soothes the skin, it protects the skin from the spread of germs, and can balance the bacteria load on skin*, allowing the skin to finally heal. Finally, SkinSmart Antimicrobial is a naturally moisturizing therapy, providing relief to dry skin.

Are there other usage tips to get optimal results from SkinSmart Antimicrobial?

For best results, spray the affected area until saturated, and let air dry. Spray the area as often as needed, especially during the first few days of treatment.

What age can SkinSmart Antimicrobial be used on?

Can be used on children as early as one month old.

Does SkinSmart Antimicrobial contain steroids? 

No. SkinSmart contains only naturally-derived ingredients including water and Hypochlorous. And unlike steroids, it can be used unlimited times throughout the day, and does not need to be kept away from eyes or mouth.

Can you transfer SkinSmart to another container, like a travel-size?

No. Our technology is delicate and relies on purity. Transferring the liquid out of its original container will compromise its efficacy. It is actually very important to leave it in its container and only use that and the sprayer it came with.

Does SkinSmart Antimicrobial have a scent?

SkinSmart Antimicrobial has no added fragrance, perfumes or dyes. However, some users notice the light scent of natural Hypochlorous.  Many describe it as smelling like a swimming pool or spa. The scent of Hypochlorous dissipates quickly, and won’t linger on the skin or in the air.

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