Eczema Therapy

Welcome to the first truly new skin care for Eczema in years. Get ready to break the cycle of never ending creams and steroids!


Steroid-free technology

Dries like water with no residue

Great for all ages

Bleach bath replacement

For all skin, even faces

Soothes angry, red, broken skin

Promotes healing*

This proven technology is from the medical field, but is only available without a prescription from SkinSmart Antimicrobial!

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What is it and how does it work?

SkinSmart Antimicrobial™ is based on Hypochlorous, a “secret weapon” in skin care treatment that has been used in the medical field for years to treat serious and chronic skin & wound issues, but was only available with a prescription. Not anymore! Our products use Hypochlorous technology to bring new solutions to help everyone’s skin. Our technology works because advances in science have taught doctors much more about the role of bacteria and microorganisms on the skin. Our product removes microorganisms, which promotes healing, helps itch, soothes your skin, and more. Best of all – it can be used on any skin, even faces, as much as you need.

What causes Eczema and how we can help

Eczema has different root causes, and is always best diagnosed by a healthcare professional. For some, it is caused by an imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria on the skin, which the body may then have a hard time balancing and healing. For others, it can be caused by environmental, chemical or physical irritants or sensitivities. Still others, a case of dry skin or rash can turn into dermatitis from an itch-scratch-bleed cycle with a bacterial infection. There are additional triggers to Eczema as well.

Hypochlorous technology will help symptoms in many ways. It will help immediately calm itch and soothe, by reducing the activities of histamines and leukotriene which cause itch. At the same time, Hypochlorous balances bacteria on the skin and removes that barrier to healing. Since Eczema may be linked to excess bacteria on skin, like Staph, antimicrobial treatment will often promote healing when that bacterial load is balanced. And, as scratching frequently opens the skin to infection and spreads it, a Hypochlorous spray will remove the bacteria and help prevent the spread of infection.

How can it replace your bleach bath?

If you’ve ever taken a bleach bath for Eczema, or given one, you know it can have great results. The reason a bleach bath works is because diluting bleach in water releases Hypochlorous! It’s the antimicrobial power of the Hypochlorous that provides the bacteria-balancing antimicrobial and anti-itch relief. Now, with SkinSmart Antimicrobial, you can get all the benefits in a bottle, no bath needed. You can spray often and without limitation.

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