About Us

SkinSmart Antimicrobial™ was created by experts in Hypochlorous technology. Our goal is to provide advanced care in helping heal a variety of skin conditions. We are proudly FDA medical-device licensed to bring this technology to market in skin and wound cleansers. Our cleansers provide relief from the symptoms of minor skin conditions such as eczema, wounds, skin infections, rashes, burns, foot care, treatment burns, and more caused by both temporary or long-term underlying factors.

Our mission is to have Hypochlorous help as many people as possible, as easily as possible, by making it available without a prescription and affordable. Our technology has improved people’s lives through its effectiveness in helping heal skin conditions, but was previously only available through a doctor. One of the most amazing qualities to our products is that they help heal skin without causing tissue damage. Other options on the market have long-term usage concerns, like steroids, while others actually damage healthy tissue while they help keep wounds clean.

Best of all, our products are remarkably convenient to use in a clear, no mess, hypoallergenic spray. We are a wonderful alternative to steroids, harsh chemicals, and other treatments that don’t help heal skin the unique way that Hypochlorous does. It is approved for use on all skin, even faces, with no restrictions. Even for kids.

We are proud to bring you real help for your skin’s problems, cared for in the comfort of your home – with no mess, no steroids, and no harshness. And – easily available in the first aid/skin aisle of your local store.

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